Eric Fontenot

Born and raised in Cajun country of South Louisiana, today Eric lives and plays in the north suburbs of the DFW metroplex. Growing up, his passion for pop culture and everything comic booky grew with him. Batman and the Bat family, especially Dick Grayson, have always been at the forefront of his comic book interest, while still enjoying the rest of the D.C. Universe, Marvel Comics, and many independent publications. He is a tattoo aficionado, part time podcaster, part time consultant, and a full time stay at home dad.

You can find him tweeting @ericjfontenot.

Russell Hay

Russell's obsession with Dick Grayson didn't begin until later in life. He began his Trapeze performing career as a member of Dick Grayson and Mrs. Peel, and from there he was hooked. He devoured everything Dick related, and even made himself a vinyl sticker of the Nighwing symbol for his car.

He blogs about filmmaking, code, and art on his website, and runs a second podcast called Poor Impulse Control where he writes and narrates action stories.